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LeftBrain Technology

Created with online store owners in mind, LeftBrain Technology offers a number of features in one integrated, user-friendly platform. Dynamic and innovative features complement your natural workflow and allow you to track performance in real time.

Here is a list of our main features:

Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Every online store has a simple goal: to keep as many active customers as possible. An active customer means a happy customer who will consistently purchase at your store. However, keeping customers happy is a continuous process that requires time and resources. Time and resources are hard to come by when you have a small to mid-sized store.

That's why we created Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM). CLM is an offer-based marketing automation feature that continuously tracks customers and periodically contacts them based on a set of rules defined automatically by the system with very minimal input from the store owner. CLM's goal is to keep customers engaged, hence increase the number of active customers.

For example, when a new customer signs up, the system will automatically send them an offer to encourage them for his/her first purchase.  If an active customer has not made a purchase in a while, you the system will automatically send them a discount off offer to bring them back.

LeftBrain segments your customers based on predictive models and automatically takes action on your behalf so you don't have to.

All you have to do is turn on CLM once, then track results in real-time through the CLM dashboard. It's as simple as that!


Template based campaigns:

While CLM is working by itself, you may want to create your own sales campaigns based on pre-defined set of rules. Within minutes, you can define a customer segment and send them an offer, then track clicks, views, basket adds and purchases in real-time.

You can create segments based on:

  • New signups
  • Purchase amount
  • Transaction count
  • Product category
  • Product page views/clicks
  • Average cart size
  • Abandoned cart

We continuously add more templates and they will always be included in your subscription package.

Predictive recommendations:

For those stores that have data going back for 2-3 years, LeftBrain platform starts generating recommendations on who to contact with what offer. All you have to do is accept it, the rest works on its own. Our machine learning algorithms continuously learn from each campaign and gets smarter every time so the next campaign is always smarter than the one before.


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